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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"FortiNET" has got some holes

Welcome back.
    I'm back after quite some time and unfortunately my Google Chrome project had to be dropped. But there's some good news as well. Well as many of you know, our college has installed "Fortinet Fortiguard" which is some sort of firewall like system to prevent us from accessing certain sites which they deem to be not suitable. Well if it had been blocking access only to such sites, then I wouldn't have complained. But the stupid system blocks several useful sites (like some movie subtitle download sites) as well. And worse still it blocks programs like uTorrent (I don't support nor do I indulge in piracy). And guess what- it can be bypassed. Mind you, I'm not talking about using some proxy site to surf blocked sites. As a matter of fact you can even use uTorrent and the like.

    I didn't bypass it just for the sake of it. Nor did I bypass it to access all those blocked sites. I just wanted to show how everything has flaws that can be exploited. Well, rumour has it that our college is paying something like three lakhs every year for this service. And as far as I can see there's no point in it anymore. All they wanted to do was to prevent access to certain sites. There were far easier (and cheaper) ways to achieve that. Just think how much money they can save just by not using the Fortinet based system.

    Like that saying goes, where there's a will, there's a way.