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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Kind of Trouble: James Blunt

Just listened (in fact I'm still listening) to James Blunt's new album "Some Kind of Trouble". And before anything else I should say its good. Yes, its really good. Will it feature amongst my all time favourites? Possibly no. But in parts its brilliant, its sublime. Sort of reminds you what good music is really about. 

This album, for one, is much more optimistic sounding than his previous two albums. Though "Back to Bedlam" was his biggest commercial success, its his second album that I really like. Because it shows off more of his skill as a songwriter and this album basically continues the trend. I read elsewhere on the net that this album is already a larger hit than his previous one and I can see why - optimistic songs appeal to a wider audience.

Coming back to this album we've got songs like 'Best Laid Plans', 'Stay the Night' that present beautiful lyrics. And then there's 'These are the words', 'I'll be your Man' that have this funky, catchy tune. Not to say that its all good, but you cant really argue with lines like'The more that I hold on, The more that you let go' or with 'His father is not the man he'd like to grow up to be, And his mother is not ageing gracefully'. And then there's his soulful, high-pitched voice that communicates like nothing else.

James Blunt is back. Not that he was ever down, but now here's something from his stables that you just cant ignore. Love it or hate it, but there's no escaping this one. 

I for one absolutely love it.