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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Freshman-Not anymore

Farewell to PG 2

My days in the PG 2 hostel(its the hostel I live here at NITC) have come to an end, well almost. At most I'm going to be here for a couple of more days. And I have to admit that it has been quite a memorable experience, especially when I stayed in the 'U'. Well the 'U' is nothing but a U shaped part of the building. I don't know why but it held a special place in our hearts-maybe because its so open to the surroundings.

Not all first year boys stay in PG 2. Most of them are in the 'A' hostel, the hostel designated for the first year boys. But somehow about 60 (myself included) ended up in PG 2. And PG 2 boys have distinguished themselves in almost every aspect of college life ever since. For example take the NITC first year football team. About half of the members are from PG 2, though we are only about 10% of the total first year boys. Its not only about the good things. When it comes to using swear words few, if any can match our beloved archie (NITC lingo for a guy who studies architecture).

Most of the inmates of PG 2 hostel are people who are doing their post-graduate studies and regularly work late into the night. Therefore there was no restriction on the movement of students in and out of our hostel at night, something which the guys in A hostel didn't enjoy (back in the first semester A hostel gates closed at about 9 pm). As a result we were able to stay out as late as 2 am and sometimes even more. Of late we have started going out late in the night to pluck mangoes from the many mango trees that grow inside our campus and return only by about 4 am.

Though there were celebrations every now and then, this holi was something special. It all began with someone on the second floor borrowing some colour from the PG's (Post Graduates). It was mixed with water and sprayed on anyone who was seen outside. But the coloured water didn't last long. And then the fun part began. Someone had a brainwave and splashed someone else with water-not coloured, just plain water. Moments later everyone was spraying water on everyone else-mind you, inside the hostel. The fact that we had an important series test the next day was forgotten. Some people, not wanting to be drenched in cold water hid in their rooms. But no one was spared. And when we finally stopped the whole corridor had standing water!

Moments like that marked our stay in PG 2 for the past one year, and I feel kind of nostalgic now that I have to shift to the 'B' hostel. But then life's like that and what else can we- mere mortals-do but take it as it comes. ;)

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