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Friday, August 21, 2009

Portable Google Chrome

I've always been a fan of google and its products and Chrome is one product which I'm particularly fond of. I was pretty excited about it until I found out that I could not install it on the computers at CC, as I didn't have administrative privileges. So I set about modifying chrome to enable it to be used on any system and without installation. And I've been successful in modifying chrome to make it usable on any system as long as you are allowed to copy and extract files, that is in virtually every system. All you need to do is to extract the file to a folder where you want it to be saved (preferably in Z: in our CC, so that you can use chrome no matter in which computer you sit, both from Terminal 1 and Terminal3). A folder called Portable_chrome_3 will be created which will contain the program.

And most of us have encountered the message "Some additional plugins are required to view the contents on this page. Please click here to install the missing plugins". Well in most cases the plugin that's missing is the adobe flash player. And again though you can download it, you wont be able to install it due to the lack of administrative privileges. Hence I've included flash player 10 with chrome so that you may be able to view such websites the way they were meant to be viewed.

And then there's enhanced privacy. All your data (history, web forms, and passswords if you choose) is stored in a separate folder called Profile within the Portable_chrome_3 folder. So you don't have to worry about someone else being able to log into your Gmail or orkut accounts just because you've clicked "Remember me on this computer" or "Save password". Since these files are on your account (only if you've extracted the contents to Z:\) no-one except you will have acess to them.

And finally its small and eminently customisable. All of this has been achieved in a file only 12.7 MB large (thats the size of about three mp3 songs). Hope you'll like it.

Note: I'll posting the download link very soon.


  1. dai macha make it available in ur blog...if possible or mail me as attachment ....and trt to get the download the file netbus 1.7 pro,,,

  2. u r doing great pranav keep it up////